söndag 29 maj 2011

Press release!

Svensk version längre ner.

If you are reading this message, it means that you have found Dodeskadens new "home". Here you will find all new information about the band.

We have had some problems last few days so now I'll try to explain a bit what happens with the band: Last Sunday we took a decision to let a member of the band leave of several reasons (will not mention it here). When we said we wanted everything went wrong and ended up in trouble and the band Dodeskaden was buried in the grave on Monday.
After some day's consideration of what happens, we have three remaining decided to continue to play with Dodeskaden. And since we feel for a fresh start, we also changing from myspace to this blogspot. Our myspace is still around but it will not be used, the death declaration and so on is still left on our myspace but we don´t got the password to myspace and we don´t give a shit!
Everything new will be published here!
Now in connection with the re-launch, we choose not to look backwards, we have a ton of new songs that are ready to explode on stage and we are more eager than ever. We have so far booked two gigs this summer (more under "gigs") and there will be more. Hope everything is not too confusing, and thank you bothering to read read this. Hope we can be seen on a stage near you!
This is a new chapter!

Anton Nyström, Helena Henriksson
Thomas Karlsson, Jacob Westerlund
Dodeskaden -

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